My Commitments


My Commitments to You....


I will Listen to you and spend time getting to know you and your family.  The more I know about who you are, the better I can help you transform your lifestyle to fit your dreams.


I will Guide you on your real estate journey  My job is to walk with you on your path home.


I will Educate you, explaining all processes and contracts to you so you will know what to expect and understand what you are signing.


I will Support you to make decisions with confidence, and clarity.


I will Communicate with you clearly & consistently, an essential tool for working together.  I will respond quickly when you contact me and will keep you informed so that you know everything when I know it.  I will explain what to expect along the way so there will be few surprises.


I will be your Committed Partner, acting with complete Honesty & Truth in every situation.


I will help you Navigate the process by making you aware of all timelines and steps necessary to get the job done.  I will Follow Through and make sure that every detail is covered.


I will find Answers for you, while I may not always have the answer, I will use all of my resources and give you guidance to find the information that you need.


I will be your Loyal Advocate, I will always have your back and fight diligently for your best interests.  I will honor your point of view & decisions.


I will Protect your interests, advising you in all matters that I am qualified to do so, giving suggestion for others to contact in any matters that I am not.


I will keep your information Confidential, I will never disclose any private information that you share with me.


I will have Fun and Laugh with you because that is what will get us through any stressful or challenging times that may come up.







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Heather Thurber

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